Building a simple carport

Building a simple carport will not only create a secures place for your car, but it will also add value to your house and enhance the look of the garden. In addition, you should know that you can even build a carports for two-cars, although this will require a more significant investment. As you can imagine, you can use various materials to build your carport, such as metal, wood or even bricks. Nevertheless, if you are a diy builder, the easiest method to get the job done is to use wooden studs and 4×4 posts. In this article, we highlight the main types of carports, along with instructions and several personal considerations.

Wooden carport plans

Wooden carport plans

Lean-to carport

Building a lean to carport is maybe the easiest way to protect your car from bad weather, as you minimize the number of cuts. In addition, this shape requires a small amount of materials and work. This structure is ideal for narrow plots or if you will build it near the property line. See here how to build a lean to carport.

Attached carport

Basically, and attached carport is similar to a lean to carport, but it is attached to an existing building. From our experience, building the carport attached to your house will not only save space and add value to your garden, but it will make the access to your house a lot easier. Just imagine yourself getting out of the car and entering your house, without having to go trough rain or snow. In conclusion, if you have enough space around your house and you have found a design that matches the style of the construction on your property, you should choose this option.

Gable carport plans

On the other hand, building a gable carport is a straight forward job, but it will require a larger investment, as compared to making a lean to carport. Nevertheless, it also resumes to your tastes, as there are no other differences between these alternatives. The best part about building a gable carport is that you could make it wider and park two or more cars.



Attached carport plans 


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