Garden raised bed plans

Aside from building a carport for your car, it is also important to undertake several woodworking projects for your garden. Either we speak of a greenhouse, a raised bed or a cold frame, these constructions would definitely improve your lifestyle and your every day life.

Garden Raised Bed Plans

Cold frame plans free

Cold frame plans free

Building a garden raised bed would definitely ease your work in the garden. If you want to change your lifestyle and grow vegetables on your own, in an organic system, you should pay attention to attention to several aspects. On one hand, you should choose the right garden raised bed plans for your needs. Next, use quality lumber and proper tools, if you want to prevent potential issues.

A raised garden bed is basically a simple frame, made out of 2×6 lumber and 4×4 legs. If you want to build a large frame, you should consider attaching 4×4 posts to the corners as well as to its sides. Drill pilot holes trough the 2×6 slats (to prevent the wood from splitting) and insert 3 1/2” lag screws into the posts.

After building the frame, you should dig several holes for the posts and to fit it into place. Cover the interior faces of the raised garden bed with landscaping fabric, in order to protect the components from rot. Work with attention and with great care, as to get the job done properly.

Fit nice trims to the top edges of the frame, in order to create a place where to sit when taking care of your plant. Afterwards, apply a few coats of paint to the exterior of the frame, to protect the components from decay and rot.



Garden Plans


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