Wooden Carport Pans

If you have a car then you probably look for the best way to keep it nice and clean. One of the most important thing when it comes to your car is to protect it from bad weather and from excessive sunlight. Once you have taken the decision to build the wooden carport you should look for the right plans and instructions for your needs. There are a large variety of projects you could choose from, so you need to select the ones that come with professional instructions and with detailed diagrams.

If a garage is a too costly or complex construction for your skills and budget, we recommend you to consider building a simple carport. As you can see in the rest of our projects, a carport is a simple but sturdy construction, that will protect your car from bad weather. Moreover, we strongly recommend you to invest in quality materials, as you will see the difference on the long run. If you want to get the job done by yourself, using 4×4 posts and 2×4 lumber for the rafters is the best choice. Generally speaking, lumber provides a good combination between costs and durability. Choose carport plans free, as there are plenty of options that don’t require any kid of investment.


Wooden Carport Plans



Always study the local building codes and choose a proper location for the carport, before starting the actual diy project. After getting accustomed with the legal requirement, you should dig 3′ holes and fit the posts into place. Secure the posts with braces and pour concrete into the holes.

Attach the 2×6 beam to the top of the posts and lock them into place with carriage bolts. Use a spirit level to check if the beams are perfectly horizontal. Next, fit the rafters between the beams and insert the galvanized screws.

Cover the roof with plywood sheets, install tar paper and fit the asphalt shingles. Strange as it might seem, you can get the job done even in as little as a weekend, if the right plans and tools are used. Attach trims to the front, back and sides of the carport roof, before protecting the components from decay by applying several coats of paint or stain.




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